Botswana Safari Camps

Okavango Delta by Colin BellWe have an excellent selection of wonderful safari camps in Botswana. Most of the camps concentrate in the watery world of Okavango Delta in the middle of the Kalahari desert and offer a variety of activities by mokoro (local pole-pushed canoe) or by safari drives. Okavango is a huge system of canals that flood seasonally, thus changing the landscape and activities dramatically from one season to the next.

Okavango Lion by Gregg HughesAnother fantastic area in Botswana is the Linyanti swamp system which supports a great concentrations of wildlife. Linyanti is located in the remote north of Botswana and is famous for its elephants.

Third area worth visiting in Botswana is the Kalahari Desert which despite its name is not all dry and devoid of life. The scarcity of water here brings animals in close contact in great numbers.

Kalahari Plains Camp